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DNS Yoga Course Recap

Applying DNS Yoga principles to life and the workplace Today’s blog recaps Dr. Park’s recent experience at the DNS Yoga specific course. Yoga was never my forte. I always appreciated it as a discipline which could center you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally through movement, but I never really understood it from a structural stand point. […]

Meet the Doctor

Introductory Blog Post: About Dr. Andy Park Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Andy Park, and I am the new owner and chiropractic physician at Northcenter Healthcare. I’m very excited to meet and care for each one of you! I figured that if I am going to be taking care of your neuro-musculoskeletal needs, it […]

Summertime Ergonomics

How to keep moving as we start moving more! Flowers are blooming, the taste of Chicago is in full force, and your rec beach volleyball league has begun! Summer is here in full force, and as the weather warms, we tend to spend more time outside being active. As movement increases, so can your chance of […]